The PRO-DIG Story
The PRO-DIG Story began on the sandy beaches of Devon, England in the early 1970’s. As other kids would play in the sea or kick a football around with their friends and family, PRO-DIG founder Mike Charlton was busy digging large deep holes with a dollar spade and bucket set, invariably most of these holes would collapse or be washed away by the stinging cold English waters. Mike would strive each time to improve his design and methods, and thus this five year old kid began a lifetime fascination with digging. If he was not at the beach digging away on family vacations Mike could be found in his family garden reconstructing the flower beds and vegetable plot with his fleet of construction Tonka toys. (Much to the annoyance of his garden proud father Derek)

Roll forward forty years and Mike now heads up a multinational, multi-location Drilling Equipment and tooling manufacturer. PRO-DIG is known globally for its unique state of the art solution based equipment and being able to solve many of the issues drilling and piling contactors face on a day to day basis.

PRO-Dig Europe Ltd founded in Corby, England as manufacturer of Planetary Gearbox’s for industrial Applications including Marine and construction.

PRO-DIG Europe Acquires minority share in Asian Gearbox manufacturing facility employing 280 people.

2001 – 2006
PRO-DIG grows rapidly into a international manufacturer of Rotary Drive heads, markets are established throughout Europe, North America and Australia.

PRO-DIG, LLC opens for business in North America, Located in 5000 Sq. Ft premises in Lawrence, KS

Despite the backdrop of uncertain economic times PRO-DIG expands into a 10,000 Sq. Ft facility in Lawrence, KS. PRO-DIG build a unique state of the art test bench capable of dynamic load testing up to 190,000 Ft-Lbs of torque.

In June 2009 after several years of R & D the Intelli-Tork  torque monitoring system is launched in North America. One customer hails the product as “A quantum leap for helical pile torque measurement and logging”. Nine Years later and the Intelli-Tork System is still the original number one market leader.

PRO-DIG acquires the full share capital of Universal Augers Ltd (Formerly Pengo Europe Ltd). UA manufactures a full range of foundation tooling including augers and buckets. UA was founded by Nic Brooker who is an industry expert and veteran with forty years of experience in the design and manufacture of foundation tooling. Nic retains a significant equity base in PRO-DIG Europe and leads its continuous growth.

PRO-DIG Europe relocates to a new 22,000 Sq. Ft Facility located in Cambridge, England. PRO-DIG heavily invests in new state of the art manufacturing equipment including CNC machining centers and cutting edge plasma technology. PRO-DIG Europe is now recognized as the leading European manufacturer of drill tools.

In June 2013 PRO-DIG LLC acquires a ten acre site located in Elwood, KS. This site is the future home of a state of the art Drilling and foundation tooling manufacturing facility.

In April 2014 PROD-DIG move into the new manufacturing facility in Elwood,KS.  PRO-DIG is now able to manufacture a full line of planetary gearboxes, all gear shaping and CNC machining is produced in house, a large investment in plasma and welding equipment allows PRO-DIG to manufacture a full line of foundation tooling including augers and buckets.

High demand for PRO-DIG products results in healthy gains in revenue and production. PRO-DIG continues to invest in several R & D projects looking for unique problem solving products.

In February 2015 PRO-DIG produces its first MMSIII Piling mast, The MMS-VM975 is outfitted with a 400mm Vibrofloation System.

PRO-DIG unveils its MMSI products at the Conexpo exhibition in Las Vegas, NV to much acclaim. Interest and sales continue to drive PRO-DIG to the forefront of the market. After extensive R & D and field testing PRO-DIG shows off its unique and patent pending “RAK-Attack” technology to a captivated audience at Conexpo.

Interest and sales continue to grow in all PRO-DIG Products. Export to twenty plus countries and strong domestic demand lead to a new investment in the Elwood facility. PRO-DIG will build a new 18,000 Sq Ft manufacturing extension to the existing 22,000 Sq. Facility. The new facility will be completed by June 2018.

Further R & D results in the successful launch of the Ezi Pile Coupling, an innovative time saving solution for the installation of helical piles.

PRO-DIG will exhibit a range of MMS drilling masts, Hydraulic Drive Heads  and Foundation Tooling at the IFCEE exhibition in 2021.