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In Modern construction environments excavators and skid steers are abundant.  They provide a mobile hydraulic power source that is capable of so much more than the basic functions they come with from the manufacturer (usually digging or moving things).  Pro-Dig committed to expanding the functionality of these stalwarts of the construction industry.  In doing so we came up with the range of the Pro-Dig Modular Mast System (MMS).

The MMS employs a fundamental design philosophy of maximizing the usability and functionality of your equipment.  To do this, the MMS can be adapted and modified to suit your requirements rather than taking a standard product and shoehorning it to your process.

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The base unit comes with the following specifications:

  1.  15′ stroke
  2. 15,000lbf winch (can be set up as 2 fall for 30,000 lbf)
  3. Clamp based Rak-Attack for hydraulic crowd
  4. =/-6 degree tilt mechanism on twin bearing rated to 500,000 lb static load
  5. 5000 psi rated pass through hydraulic to allow operation of additional tools independently (most Mast controls limited internally to 3000 psi)
  6. Minimum flow requirement- 60 GPM
  7. Flat face sled for attachment of process according to client requirements
  8. Rail rated to 50,000 ft lb
  9. Wireless remote control with additional control functionality (9-36V)
  10. Top and bottom standard flange fittings for accessories
  11. Inbuilt PLC to allow CANBus communication and sensors e.g. depth, tool pressure etc

Adaptations Available 

Typical extensions/ adaptations include:

  1. 3′, 5′, 7′, 10′ extension (any size is available on request) MMS0, MMS1, MMS2 (MMS3 by request)
  2. Top drive gearbox (from 1K lb ft through to 80,000 lb ft- Mast dependent)
  3. Through drive gearbox (for CFA/Auger cast pile for example- MMS2, MMS3 and specials)
  4. DTH Hammer- we have many examples of the MMS1 and 2 being used to drill/ install tiebacks and soil nails- we can specify and supply your DTH if necessary
  5. Drifter/ clamps and breakers
  6. Sheet Pile Hammer (MMS2 and MMS3)
  7. Vibroflot- Pro-Dig also manufacture and sell a complete range of Vibroflotation equipment
  8. Extended wireless controls- integrate the Mast fully with your existing equipment when it is CANBus controlled 
  9. Auger guides/ anchor guides
  10. Drilling gates
  11. Instrumenation
  12. Please ask if you don’t see what you think you need


Each MMS (ranging from MMS0 through MMS3 is built around the following components:

  1. Central Mast Section (CMS).  This is the heart of any of the Masts.  It include the connection to your equipment, winch attachment points, tilt mechanism and typically the control system mounting.
  2. Wireless control over standard hydraulics.  Can be used in cab or a 2nd operator at the Mast
  3. Upper and lower extensions (EXT)- Got a smaller or larger excavator, or do you have clearance/ length issues- The Pro-Dig MMS can be changed in length, typically just be the simple addition of extensions to the standard flange both above and below the Central Mast Section as necessary.
  4. Special Purpose Extensions.  The modularityy of the Mast is further enhanced by using the same flange format found on each end of the CMS or EXT units to add items such as:
    1. Rope Tension System- for use with our Rope on Rope off (RORO) crowd design
    2. Cathead- modify the use of your Mast by changing the cathead out- use as a smaller leader system on a crane or add an extending boom
    3. Breakers and Clamps- add breakers and clamps to the lower end of your Mast for use with drill steel when operating a DTH hammer for example
  5. Other options include:
    1. Uprated Winches- switch to a higher rated winch or adjust the position of your winch to the pre-installed winch mounts on each EXT section
    2. Mast direction- because we design and manufacture the Masts in house we can modify the Mast direction- for example the Mast can be rotated through 90 degrees so the operator has a full view of the tool in use rather than the traditional option of placing the tool in front of the Mast 
    3. Tilt options.  For example the MMS1 can be provided with 
      1. A saddle arrangement that allows the Mast to work anywhere from 5 degrees below zero to 5 degrees past vertical
      2. Plate Rotator Arrangement with =/-6 degree hydraulic adjustment around a giving position.
      3. Variety of tools/ process- fit the MMS with any tooling from auger drives, through hole drives, DTH Hammer, drifter, vibratory hammer

If you have a specific requirement please contact us.  Due to the face we design AND manufacture in house, with a wide range of standard modifications we can typically create the exact solution you require


Rak-Attack Crowd System

The revolutionary (patented) Rak-Attack system by Pro-Dig maximises the capability of your tool in its interaction with the ground

Generate significant crowd force even on small equipment

Rak-Attack uses a section of sled that is selectively locked to the Mast (at any point on the Mast).  With this position fixed we can then use a hydraulic ram to jack from this point.  We can apply significant crowd forces to the sled and tool in a highly efficient and cost effective manner.  The system can be employed at any point on a Rak-Attack equipped Mast.  Because of this it is extremely easy to add and remove Mast sections without needing to change ropes or the length of chain.

Specifications/ Features:

  1. Crowd forces adjustable up to 30,0000 lb or greater (dependent on MMS range)
  2. Stroke from 10″ to 24″ (at any point on the Mast)
  3. Return/ Retract time <1 second
  4. Required flow- <2 gpm upwards
  5. Simple, one button operation (pawl type or clamp type)
  6. Can be used for extraction boost by operating in reverse (clamp type only)