Michael A. Charlton


Chris Gillibrand


I’ve been designing and building specialist equipment for the construction industry for close on 15 years. My previous industry involvement has been wide and varied, from making beer cans to printed circuit boards, special purpose machines to putting adhesive on fasteners. Innovation and design are my passion. This carries through to my personal life. Currently I’m up to 6 and a half motorcycles. All but one have been built up in my spare time. When not working on my own I’m often found helping out my fellow members of the ‘Toasted Reviolis’.  A pseudo motorcycle club here in St Louis.  The motorcycles do, of course, come second to spending time with my AWESOME 16 year old daughter. Be it watching her playing at rock gigs or resale shopping. Heck occasionally we shoot off for a ‘manly’ pedi.

Beth M. Kerns-Neff
Marketing Director



Cameron Fulton
Design Engineer


I’m Cameron Fulton, and my background is in the natural gas and oil industry for approximately 14 years, prior to starting with Pro-Dig. Outside of my position of design engineer, I am an avid cyclist, and compete in midwest single speed gravel racing from spring through fall every year. I am a parent to three amazing dog children and outside of work and cycling, they get all of my time.

Nick Mejia
Production Manager


I started my career in metal fabrication 20 years ago by taking a 2 year welding class in high school. This lead me to become a journyman iron worker, where I had the chance to be a part of various large construction jobs. One of the most things I’m proud of is my family. We enjoy living outside the city and having fun with what the land offers. Some of the many activity’s I enjoy are riding side x sides, making homemade beer and wine, watching our kids play sports, hunting, and fishing. And last but not least is my favorite saying. WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD!