Phazer 20

Fitted to: TOH Toothed Auger
Description: Tungsten Carbide
Application:High Abrasion


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Pilot Bits Phazer
Part No.CodeDescriptionApplication Unit Weight
Phazer 10UT00010Tungsten Carbide (round)Abrasive soil, Soft rock/ impac1.37kg
Phazer 20UT00020Dirt1.30kg
Phazer 30UT00030for Phazer 10 and teeth1.25kg
Phazer 71UT000713 tooth rock bit with C31HD teeth to fit Cast Pilot special holderRock3.7kg
Phazer 81UT000813 tooth rock bit with B47K22H teeth to fit Cast Pilot special holderRock Auger or Soil Ripper6.4kg
Phazer 91UT000915 tooth rock Bit with B47K22H teeth to fit BPO8 holdRock Auger or Soil Ripper15.6kg