Intellitork H200

H200 rated to 10,000 Ft-Lbs (13,500Nm)


“A Quantum leap in Precise Torque and Angle Data Measurement”

  • State Of The Art WiFi and Wireless Technology

  • Highly Accurate Torque Monitoring Capabilities (+/-0.3%)

  • Any Direction Angle & Depth Monitoring

  • Extremely Rugged Design

  • Data Can Be Emailed to Anyone

  • Multiple WiFi Smart Devices Can Be Used To View One Drive

  • No Mechanical Parts

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  • Accurate Torque Monitoring (+/- 0.3%)

  • Accurate Angle Measurement (+/- 0.5d)

  • Axial Load Measurement

  • Shaft RPM Measurement

  • GPS Location

  • Simple to Use Logging Functions

  • Torque Alarm/Alert Function



  • State of the Art Wireless Technology

  • App based software can be downloaded direct to your smart device from both the Google Play and Apple I stores

  • Multiple devices can view real time display and logging functions

  • State of the Art Calibration Services are traceable to NIST Standards

  • No Mechanical Parts

  • Cross fleet flexibility, can be used with any manufacturers drive heads or drilling equipment

  • Can be used in a wide range of drilling applications including Helical pile Installation and CFA (Cast in Place)