Part No.Code No.DescriptionApplication
140-CST5192019MM-10 NC threaded DrivelugUse with SB-25 SB-30 screw bits0.4
140-CS51930Weld-on Drivelug0.3
140-S51940Weld-on Drivelug-short0.2
140-M51950Weld-on Drivelug-shortUse with SB-35 SB-40 screw bits and P-35 pilots0.4
141-M5196031.7mm-7 NC threaded Drivelug0.6
MF-MM51920Pilot extensionFor lengthening P-35,SB-35,SB-450.9
Drivelug with Shank
Part No.Shank Connector Code No.Approx. Weight (KG)Used with
SHX-140-S21 Hex1519800.3SB-25 or SB-30
MHX-141-S29 Hex1519900.5
MHX-141-M29 Hex1520000.7SB-35 or SB-45
U-IX-141-M41 Hex1520201.4
MHX-141-L29 Hex1520101.0SB-50 or SB-100 375-TCH-171 To 95-TCH-171
LHX-141-L41 Hex1520301.7
Weld Type Drivelugs
Part No. Code No.Approx Weight (KG)Used on
140-S1519400.2SB-25 or SB-30
140-M1519500.4SB-35 or SB-45
141-L1519700.65SB-50 or SB100
375-TCH-171 or 95-TCH-171