Pivoting Skidsteer Telescopic Attachment

Constructed and Fabricated from heavy duty materials, The Skidsteer Pivoting Telescopic Attachment mount allows for precise positioning of the drive head. The Operator is positioned with a clear line view of the drive head and is able to operate the wheels/tracks parallel with the foundation. The attachment is furnished with a 3’ fixed boom and a 3’ telescoping arm that effectively adds a further 6’ to the bucket pin to grade height, this feature will allow the use of longer length piles or auger strings.


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  • Constructed from Heavy Duty Steel Plate and Tube

  • Custom Designed for any Brand and Model of Skidsteer

  • Quality US Craftsmanship



  • Exact Positioning of Drive Head

  • Operator has Clear Line of Vision with drill

  • The use of longer piles and drill strings

  • Adjustable Telescopic Arm