Auger Bungs




Auger Bungs
2" Diameter3" Diameter4" Diamater5" Diameter
Feathered TypeAuger Bung 2Auger Bung 3Auger Bungs 4Auger Bungs 5
Bulbous Type
Flat Plate TypeP-Cap 50/1P-Cap 76/1P-Cap 100/1P-Cap 127/1
HD Type with additional supportP-Cap 50/2P-Cap 76/2P-Cap 100/2P-Cap 127/2
Jam Jar TypeP-Cap 50/3P-Cap 76/3P-Cap 100/3P-Cap 127/3
Jam Jar Top and RubberP-Cap 50/4P-Cap 76/4P-Cap 100/4P-Cap 127/4
Phazer Adjustable TypeUni-Bung-2Uni-Bung-3Uni-Bung-4Uni-Bung-5