Helical Pile & Auger Drill

The MMS will allow drill/ auger diameter from 32” up to 48”.  We offer adapters for the Pro-Dig USA V35, V55 and V80 drives.

Please call for other diameters.

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Helical Pile & Auger Drill
Part Number940018940019940020
MotorLINDE HMR-165LINDE HMR-165280cc
Motor MountSAE D 2 BoltSAE D 2 BoltSAE D 4 Bolt
Min Hydraulic Flow10 GPM10 GPM40 GPM
Max Hydraulic Flow80 GPM80 GPM120 GPM
Min Continuous Pressure1000 PSI1000 PSI2000 PSI
Max Continuous Pressure5000 PSI5000 PS15075 PSI
Unit Weight1100 lbs1100 lbs2881 lbs
Output Shaft4" Square4" Square5.88" Square